Our team will transition your entire environment at no cost to your organization.

Private Cloud

We at cloudtrek help companies quickly deploy private cloud solutions preserving their need for greater control, predictable costs, and ease of use.


  • Single tenant private cloud including the orchestration
    layer. Customer has complete control over the
    orchestration of their cloud environment.
  • Complete control = greater levels of compliance with
    the ability to self-audit the datacenter.
  • Physical security = more granularity in meeting specific
    security requirements.


  • Orchestration via DynaScale Orchestrator is a very powerful monolithic open source software platform that has a short learning curve. This especially useful for those environments where I.T. staff are being empowered to build and manage in the cloud but do not have any scripting or coding experience.
  • Customization to the user interface of DynaScale Orchestrator is absolutely possible to further enhance the I.T. user experience.


  • Private cloud pricing determined at the beginning of the deployment and remain fixed unless a change order is executed.
  • As a hyper-converged architecture leveraging the power and simplicity of open source software and off the shelf hardware, private cloud costing is 30-40% less than competing private cloud vendors.
  • Price to performance without customization is unmatched in the industry. Starting configurations include 14 core processors, 100% SSD storage, and 10Gbps networking and optional Nvidia M60 GPU.


  • Bring your own licenses or hardware with the exception of compute to the private cloud.
  • Legacy equipment can be hosted in the same datacenter as the private cloud, network options to connect the two vary from 1Gbps to 60Gbps.
  • Bandwidth consists of blended BGP ensuring no disruption of Internet service.
  • Private cloud can be deployed on a customer’s premise and still be available in a service model. The orchestration layer has been fully automated so the initial build can be done in less than an hour and additional compute and storage can be added in minutes.

Bare Metal

Cloudtrek Dedicated Bare metal Cloud Servers deliver complete hardware power and scalability that modern applications demand. Available with Linux or Windows.
Take full control of Bare Metal provisioning with predictable, fixed price billing.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloudtrek Hybrid Cloud offers seamless integration between your owned hardware environment and our Private Cloud.
On premise or collocated environments can easily be integrate into our private cloud solutions, giving your business complete control and predictable billing.


Customize Your Environment

Each of Cloudtrek’s state-of-the-art SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 audited Internet Data Centers (IDC) are approximately 20,000 sq. ft. in size and are situated below ground. These multi-million dollar raised floor facilities are seismically designed to withstand most natural disasters. With state-of-the-art redundant fiber optic connections to the internet, multi-zoned dry pipe pre-action fire suppression systems, and UPS power backed up by diesel generators, these data centers are built to keep our customers sites always up and always working.

Operating around the clock, personnel control access to each of Cloudtrek’s Internet Data Centers and monitor them 24×7 utilizing security cameras located throughout each facility. Our highly trained and skilled NOC staff welcomes the opportunity to assist our customers with their technical support needs.

2U Colocation (Up to 2U)

2U Colocation (Up to 2U) 2U Colocation (Up to 2U) 100% uptime guaranteed • Up to 2U “Rackable” server space • 1.5a of 120v Power • 100Mbps Connection • 1 Mbps included • 8 IPs included • 24/7 Hands & Eyes Support

1/4 Rack Colocation (Up to 9U)g

100% uptime guaranteed • 100Mbps Connection • 1 Mbps included • 8 IPs included • 27 Amps included • 24/7 Hands & Eyes Support

1/2 Rack Secured (21U)

100% uptime guaranteed • 100Mbps Connection • 5 Mbps included • 20A circuit included • 16 IPs • Free Reboots • 24/7 Hands & Eyes Support

Full Secured Cabinets (42U)

Special Pricing Available • 100Mbps Connection • 5 Mbps included • 20A circuit included • 16 IPs • Free Reboots • 24/7 Hands & Eyes Support